10 Tips For Choosing A VPS Is The Best

10 Tips For Choosing A VPS Is The Best

Metrodenvergreens.org 10 Tips For Choosing A VPS Is The Best – After You determine the choice of having to move to a VPS (Virtual Private Server), what factors into consideration in the Selection of VPS is the best?

Unlike Shared Hosting, choose a VPS must use some special consideration so that they can more effectively and efficiently. This is to prevent the mistakes in buying a VPS, such as can not be run in accordance with the expectations of, or issues related to service use.

Using a VPS is also quite easy to do, at least for users who already understand about Basic Commands in Linux. Its use will be more easy if You use panels such as WHM or Webuzo.

Specify the Purpose of Use of VPS is the Best

First, determine the purpose of the use. VPS is of course not only used to save and run the web site only. There are many things that can be done with the VPS. In addition to as website hosting, VPS can be used for liaison service Internet of Things (IOT).

Customize To Plan Ahead

After determining the purpose of the use, think also planning ahead. Your business needs evolve to still be able to keep running. So consider also whether there is a possibility the system will require high resources in the near future or not.

Planning this one to determine the migration process that may be performed. Because, the process of migration VPS no more simple compared to shared hosting.

Operating System (Windows/Linux)

Also note the operating systems available.The operating system into the main factors that need to be known. Some VPS providers only provide one of course, but there are some VPS service provider is providing both of these operating systems.

If the system is to be installed is maximum using Windows, of course, have to use a Windows server as well. Though the current provider of Windows VPS rarely, more provides VPS with Linux.

The Capacity Of Monthly Bandwidth

Most service providers VPS Hosting will determine the limit of the Bandwidth usage of each month. If the use exceeds the specified capacity, then the speed of access to the VPS will be reduced. However, the calculation of the capacity will be reset every month.

When choosing a VPS, make sure You don’t need to pay for the excess bandwidth needed for normal use.


Run multiple web sites in one VPS?In one of the VPS of course You can add any number of web site in it. You can add multiple domains at once. However, keep in mind that the capacity of the RAM and CPU in a server VPS are no limits.

A big limitation of this depends on the package that You use. Effective VPS most is not running in RAM with a capacity of 4 GB. The higher the package used, more and more web sites which can be added without experiencing overload.


Currently there are two types of storage is offered, namely the Hard disk and SSD (Solid-state Drive). Storage using hard disk cheaper offer. However, it would be more optimal if the VPS using the SSD.

SSD has faster speed compared with traditional storage. Resilience in dealing with the problem of power failure is also a positive factor using the SSD as a storage medium in the VPS.

Define the RAM and CPU is indeed necessary, but if it is not supported with storage that is fast to serve process data, it’s not too useful.

See the Technology Used

See also the technology used in, including the software are supported. For example, the version of the kernel that is used or virtualization used in cloud VPS. Why? Because some applications sometimes do not support kernel version specific or have to use the version of the latest kernel.

Moreover, the better the performance of the server under can indirectly improve the quality of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) web site.

Managed or Unmanaged

This is the other important points. Moreover, if You do not understand about the existing configuration on VPS. Due to a provider of hosting services usually offer two options, unmanaged or managed.

VPS Managed to provide convenience for users that do not need to bother to perform the installation, configuration, and maintenance VPS. So, the user only live to use it. If a problem occurs, VPS service provider will help to solve it. However, this rule is different on each service provider. So You need to ask first.

As for the VPS Unmanaged, all forms of the configuration and the settings done by the user. The provider only provides VPS and access to it.

Get Complete Information Related to the VPS Service is the Best

Find complete information about what are the limitations when using the VPS service is the best in the web hosting provider. Do not until when already using the service turns out You violate the Term Of Service that has been determined previously.

Some web hosting service providers sometimes do not allow services are used to gambling sites, porn, and who violate the copyright. Does not need confirmation to the client, VPS definitely will be suspended or even deleted.


Also adjust the budget that has been previously determined by the price of the VPS of the best that are offered on the internet. In Niagahoster providing the services of Cheap VPS with prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to first-class enterprise.

You also do not hesitate to issue spending more when budget is not as per the specifications specified. Don’t force your budget to buy VPS best with the specifications of the standard when the system requires the specification of the server maximum. Of course this will be troublesome in the future.

Support & Transfer

Sometimes the problems that occur in the VPS do not know the time. Not infrequently the website/system that is installed on the VPS does not go well. ‘ve tried to break it, but still haven’t managed to do the installation of WordPress.

In cases like this You can discuss with support from the service provider. Although for the service unmanaged, the service provider does not provide technical support. However, there is no harm to trying to use a service provider who can be contacted 24 hours 7 days.

In essence, choosing a VPS the best doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply customize with your needs and the features provided. For a web site which is quite famous and have traffic that start high, it does not hurt to try using a VPS compared to shared hosting. In addition to a more resilient, there are a lot of things that can be learned from using VPS best.

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