10 Tips for Choosing Web Hosting Indonesia a Quality

10 Tips for Choosing Web Hosting Indonesia a Quality

Metrodenvergreens.org 10 Tips for Choosing Web Hosting Indonesia a Quality – More and more people make the site, the more people who need hosting as a place or the server that site. These factors are then pushed the many services of web hosting providers.

The number of jasa web hosting Indonesia does not necessarily make all the hosting services that’s good. So for those of You who want to buy web hosting need to be careful because You could be disappointed in the middle of the road due to hosting You buy turns out to not alias abal-abal.

Well, so You do not get fooled by hosting services abal-abal, preferably before buying hosting, You should note the following tips.

Choose A Hosting According To The Needs Of

Before buying a hosting, specify first the needs of the site You like. If for example the site You will wake up only in the form of the backyard profile without a lot of features strange-strange, of hosting package or a basic standard You can choose.

Another story if You will build the website for the purposes of Your store, a profile page with a lot page, site for services with variety of customization features, or sites that are devoted to the news portal. If such a requirement is, of hosting the selected range of dates also are hosting with a large capacity.

Well, because it is mapped first the needs of Your site. If You started planning will make many of the features on the website at a later date, You can start choosing a hosting standards first. The new upgrade.


This point is still associated with the number 1. You should choose a hosting that offers a large bandwidth. Why? Because if one day Your site gets a lot of visitors, Your site is not overwhelmed.

If bandwidth is limited, this will make Your website down. Imagine for example hosting services that You select the limit 3 or 4 GB of bandwidth, but Your site visitors dense, Your site will be overwhelmed. Like a toll gate that provides only 2 gates to get in but the number of cars that go to the toll there are many.

Therefore You should choose a hosting that offers unlimited bandwidth. Usually the language of the marketing for this is the “unlimited bandwidth”. This term refers to the service bandwidth is not counted aka the amount of bandwidth is not limited.

Look at the reviews of people who wear the hosting

Don’t buy hosting from a service, if there has been no review or experience to use it. Like we were going to buy a smartphone brand A but we find out first reviews about the smartphone.

The same thing also applies when You specify using the hosting service. Find out the first person that had to use such hosting. See review or review during the use of the service hosting the. If it turns out that many are satisfied, there is no harm to buy.

If there is no information or no wear, you should find better.To find out the reviews of a service hosting, You can search the information in Google search engine.

Try direct

If You are not satisfied with the references or reviews of other people, and the curious with the hosting services You will use, You should immediately try hosting them. How can You buy hosting for 1 to 3 months, so do up to 1 year directly.

If you don’t want to expend the funds at all, You can look for hosting providers that provide free hosting. Hostinger for example. Hosting service provider has features a free hosting service that can be tried by anyone passing by id.000webhost.com.

If You are satisfied wearing a free service of hosting such, no need to hesitate to try the paid plans of such a hosting provider. In Hostinger for example, there is a premium web hosting packages and web hosting package business that offers a range of advantages such as getting a free domain and free SSL certification.

Server Location

Hosting there is that the location of the server in Indonesia, Singapore, America and other. For the purposes of Your website, you should note the location of this server. Why? Because the location of the server the effect on the speed when loading Your web (web loading).

When the target visitors of Your website are the people of Indonesia, then sebaikya You choose the server locations in Indonesia, Different if You are going to build a blog in English and the target pengunungnya American people, then you should select the server America.


We recommend that You pay attention also about the hosting storage. This is important because it will be related with the storage of data on Your site. See detail hosting, check the type of the storage. You should select a hosting that provides storage type: SSD and HDD. As is known, the SSD is a type of storage that is good and quick.

Note also the storage capacity are given. If the needs of Your site will load a lot of images, of storage with capacity is particularly mandatory.

One of the hosting that provides storage type SSD and don’t count unlimited aliases is Hostinger. You can choose the Hostinger if you need hosting for the needs of the site for business or a site with lots of pictures.

Features and amenities

You should not be tempted with the services of a hosting provider that offers cheap prices but it turns out abal-abal and don’t have a lot of features. Choose a hosting that has a lot of features and facilities. For example Hostinger offers a lot of features and facilities used.

In Hostinger there are features such as support PHP, the database is InnoDB, PHPMyAdmin tool, FTP, and so on. In Hostnger also there is a feature to add a subdomain for unlimited aliases features “unlimited subdomains”. This feature will certainly be useful for You who need a subdomain quite a lot.

Daily Backups

The name of the site that is easily accessible to anyone, certainly quite prone if there is anything bad to happen. Moreover, if You need the data in these sites. ‘t you bother if Your site data is lost or happen bad things that make You have to create the site from scratch again.

Because of that than of the bad things that happened, you should select a hosting service which offers backups periodically. Hostinger for example, in a package of business offers daily backups which would be very useful, especially if Your site already have a lot of data in the form of text and images.

The Best Trusted

Choose a web hosting that provide the best warranty to You. This guarantee is very important because it will make You assess the credibility of such a hosting provider.

For example, if the web hosting provider offers a guarantee of 99% Uptime and 30 Day money back guarantee, of course weh hosting is not abal-abal as well as trusted. And Hosting is a web hosting which offers two such guarantee.

Customer service

The latter, choose a hosting that provides the best service to You. Such as customer service that is ready to serve You if there are any problems and disorders. The most easy is a service through chat because the directly communicate to resolve the issue at that time also.

Hostinger as a provider of web hosting and cheap domain, is one of the web hosting providers that provide the best services if there is a problem. Customer servier than Hostinger are ready to help and answer Your questions.

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