6 Application Of Trading Stock Is Best For Beginners

6 Application Of Trading Stock Is Best For Beginners

Metrodenvergreens.org 6 Application Of Trading Stock Is Best For Beginners – Stock Trading is an activity of buying and selling shares that the goal is to get profit from the difference between the purchase price of the shares with a selling price of stock. The advantages in the process of trading of this stock we are familiar with the name of the capital gain.

The difference of Trading Stocks and Stock Investment

But you should also know that stock trading is different from stock investment. What’s the difference? Here is a brief explanation about the difference between trading stocks and stock investment :

  • Trading stocks usually time is very fast in a matter of minutes, hours, or days only, while for an investor typically requires a longer time can be monthly even yearly.
  • Trading stocks see the opportunity of news about the company, the potential that rose in quick time and don’t need to pay attention to the fundamentals of the company.
  • Stock investment will usually seek more profits from the distribution of dividends or profits of the company, while the stock trading does not care for dividends.

Trading stock into one type of investment that is now loved by many people because of the potential profits earned tend to be larger than other types of investments. In addition, advances in technology are also pushing world stocks to play more sophisticated.

One example is the presence of the application of trading stock in where those who are interested in investing can now easily do so via a smartphone. Then, the application of trading stock of what the best and recommended?


Unlike the application of trading stock most, Stockbit initially present as a social trading where traders can share info about the world of stock. Hence, Stockbit so that the most recommended for beginners who need a more in-depth knowledge about stock investing.

Not only as a place for discussion, Stockbit now can also be used as a place to sell and buy stocks directly. Then, there is also a feature of the virtual trading where the user can do the demo with the movement of real time data in BSI or the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Indopremier IPOT

One of the main selling points of Indopremier is that the user can start playing the stock with a minimal capital. Even a user can also create accounts without minimum deposit. Indopremier is also one of the pioneers of online stock trading which can help users develop through training and seminars provided.

The features offered Indopremier quite widely and easily used by all types of investors. List of accounts in the app is also completely online and there is a CS can be contacted via Telegram.

MOST Self – Online Stock Trading

MOST Self – Online Stock Trading is an application of trading stock of Securities that comes with a simple UI and friendly to the beginner. Minimum initial deposit set MOST are quite large, but it is comparable with a number of advantages offered. Some of them such as the registration of the customer that can be done online, a collection of mutual funds that is complete, training support face-to-face and online and full access to the results of the daily research of analysts are reliable Mandiri Sekuritas.

BIONS – BNI Securities Innovative Trading System

The same as MOST, BIONS also made by one of the state-owned banks or government-owned namely BNI. The appearance of the UI is clean and easy to navigate so one of the advantages of this application. Then, they each unfamiliar with the world of trading can also use a trial account to try trading without real money.

BIONS comes with features that are fairly complete, but the same is the case with MOST, a minimum deposit is quite large. Then, there are also sales that can help in the process of selling the stock and money investment results can also be “deposited” in mutual funds.


Magic is one of the applications of trading of new shares belong to the Magical Group that houses two companies namely the Magical mutual Funds and Magic of Securities. On the application, a Magic not only provides a stock investment, but also mutual funds.

By doing so, the users so no need to bother using two different apps if you are interested in two types of investment. In addition to the suggestions which products are most profitable, Magic can also give you notifications related best time to buy or to sell a stock. To learn new stock, this is highly recommended.


The latter is POEMS ID have Philip Securities. This is so one of the applications of trading stock the favorite of investors and traders. Through this one app, you can not only trading stocks, but also to sell and buy mutual funds.

Share price can also be monitored in realtime through the application, and there is also a range of exciting features to help investors. One of them is SMARTPlan Stock in which the user or customer can buy shares on a regular basis.

6 Application Of Trading Stock Is Best For Beginners – Plus, POEMS ID is also working with BSI to Capital Market School program.

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