How To Play The Stock Trading For Beginners To Earn Money

How To Play The Stock Trading For Beginners To Earn Money How To Play The Stock Trading For Beginners To Earn Money – How to play the stock is important for the well understood by the novice investor in order not to lose in investing. The stock is rated as high investment risk. That is, both stocks offer great benefits, but there is a great chance of losing the capital.

Different with a low-risk investment that chances of harm is minimal. Although high-risk, stock investing is not dangerous anyway, just so you understand how to play the stock well. Especially when you are a novice investor.

It’s time the nih for you to learn to invest in order to achieve the cuan in the future. Concerns about the high risk that lurk just going to make you accumulate funds in a banking product that it is, without any progress a significant advantage.

Let’s learn how to play the stock together through the article below. This article will discuss tips on how to play the stock that is better for beginners, the recommendations of securities, and the risks that you need to know before investing.

Investing is a way to increase wealth in the future. If you’re smart and wise in investing, you will enjoy cuan tempting. Profits can be achieved in the short term or long term depending of the type of investment chosen. Short-term investment usually lasts for three to 12 months before generating a return or profit.

Both short-term lot is chosen when investor wants to save funds while waiting for other investment opportunities that are more lucrative. A mutual fund is a form of short-term investment.

How about with a long-term investment? To enjoy the return of investment, you have to wait years and are ready to risk. However, the return is great. Long-term investment is a popular stock.

Stock investment done in the form of capital investment for a company or a limited liability company. By infusing capital, you become part ownership of a company or a limited liability company is.

So you have the right to enjoy the profits obtained by the company in accordance with the number of shares that you are put together. You also have the right to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), which discusses the idea of the shareholders related to the policy of the company.

How to Play the Stock for Beginners

Because stock investment is a high risk, you can’t just invest. There is a how to play the stock that should be considered in order to fund the crops you produce a profit, instead of a vanished because of negligence when investing.

The lack of literacy investment shares to be one of the factors that cause the failure of the investor muda lho. Without the proper knowledge and in about selak-outs of the stock, beginners to invest based on the urge of lust.

Remember, investing in stocks is not only the capital following the trend! You are risking money not a little with the hope of grabbing the cuan in the future. Therefore, the seriousness and vigilance in the act needs to be improved for the novice investor. Well, so as you grow into the stock investors who are accomplished, let’s learn how to play the stock for the beginners here:

Select Securities with a Small Transaction Fee

How to play the stock requires a transaction fee paid to a securities company or broker. The cost of transactions is required as a commission to buy a stock that is desired. Same is the case when you want to sell shares, there is the cost of sales transactions to the securities or broker.

The cost of this transaction is deposited into the securities account (the account of the customer funds) that is created when you first joined the company securities.

Hence, you should choose a company the securities of which sets the cost of small transactions that are not burdened every time to buy or sell the stock. The cost of the transaction of any securities diverse.

There is a set cost of buy for 0-15-0.19%, while the cost of sales amounted to 0.20%. Note also the provisions of the deposit the initial capital to the securities account. Now the initial capital can be started from 100.000. So, do not be fooled if there are securities that ask for an initial deposit that is too large.

The contents of a Securities Account with Sage

As the magnitude of the initial capital-friendly pouch, the stock price per share of any existing within the range of 300. With the price per sheet 300, you should only provide funds Rp30.000 to start investing in stocks.

Yes, the regulations of each investor must purchase a minimum of 1 lot consisting of 100 shares. How to play the stock was friendly enough bags, right? But, is it profitable enough just to have 100 shares worth rp 30.000?

Remember, stock investing is a long term investment. It is not impossible in the next 10-15 years into the future value of the investment you have increased. However, do not be too carried away lust with too royal to buy stock without careful calculation.

How to play the stock that is better for beginners should the contents of a securities account with sage. Avoid allocating 50% of the monthly income to buy stock so you don’t bungle when the stock price drops. Consider the sectors of the daily expenses other that you.

Buy Shares of LQ45 Index or IDX30

Take advantage of the list of shares issued by the Indonesia stock Exchange (BEI) as a guide how to play the stock safe. A list of shares on the stock exchange issued in the form of the grouped based on the level of liquidity, market capitalization, and the fundamentals of the company.

For example, a stock with a high level of liquidity will be easier to sale to get cuan. The time of this writing was written, BEI issue 38 of stock indices. Then, how to choose indexes that benefit?

For beginners, we recommend you buy shares of LQ45 index or IDX30 to minimize the risk. Because, the LQ45 index is a share of 45 companies that have the best reputation in the last 12 months.

His reputation includes criteria including 60 of the top companies with the highest market capitalization, the value of the transaction is high, has the financial condition and the prospects of high growth, increased weight free float to 100% from 60% in the portion of the assessment, and has been listed on the stock exchange at least three months.

Meanwhile, the index IDX30 used to assess the performance of 30 stocks, which has also been included in the LQ45 index. Then, what is the difference of IDX30 and LQ45? Stock index IDX30 have the liquidity is high compared LQ45.

In addition, its market capitalization is also high. To enter in the index IDX30, shares of LQ45 index must go through a rigorous selection. Good LQ45 index and IDX30 through the process of assessment BEI once every six months.

Select Stock with the Fundamentals of Good Financial

In addition to referring the LQ45 index and IDX30, how to play the stock is also recommended to analyze the company’s financial fundamentals.

It’s good that you conduct independent research regarding the company’s portfolio which will you grow their capital. You can check the financial statements of any company whose shares are listed on the stock exchange through the site BEI this

Do Stop Loss Strategy

Novice investors should understand the strategy stop loss or commonly abbreviated as SL, that is, selling shares at a certain price so as not to swallow a huge loss. In investing, you must be ready to face the risk of loss. Well, the losses can be minimized with the SL level is set at the beginning of the transaction.

For example, you buy X stock worth 300. Then, you set the SL at 5% below the price of the stock or by Rp285. Well, when the price of stock X down to the SL level, the stock will be sold. So you just swallow the loss of 5%. You can do the SL manually and automatically with the help of trading software.

Buy Stock when the Price Drops

How to play the stock by buying shares when the price drops often not understandable to the novice investor. The reason, beginner assume the stock price is down is no longer valuable to have.

In fact, the stock is an investment whose price fluctuates. Stock prices up and down is influenced by many factors. So, the shares are down the price, can be increased at any time.

Well, if you buy shares when the price drops, you will get a profit when the price suddenly increased. But, of course, you can’t just buy the stock price will go down. Note also other factors, like the condition of the company. How to play good stock requires precision and patience, yes.

Diversified Stock

Avoid putting all eggs in one basket! This is an analogy to the strategy of diversification of stock. With a diversified stock, you can minimize the risk of investment. Because, the diversification of the stock is the diversion of funds to multiple instruments.

For example, you buy shares in some sectors, such as banking and customer goods. If the stock you have in the banking sector has decreased the price, you can cover the losses with the profits obtained from stock customer goods.

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