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Cloudflare Niagahoster Free For All Package Niagahoster – Niagahoster has been selected as the official partner of CloudFlare, a service that can help improve Your website’s performance through a variety of ways.

As the official partner of CloudFlare, we could offer many advantages for customers who use the service of CloudFlare this. With the file API, we can provide the activation account in one click, so that the user can enable (and disable) CloudFlare directly through the control panel for each domain. Interestingly, you can use CloudFlare for free!

Once CloudFlare is active in your area, the traffic heading to your website will be filtered through a network of cloud servers, CloudFlare to optimize traffic on your website. Server Cloudflare is located in 23 locations around the world, which has been determined as the point-the point of the exchange of the main internet.

In addition, the cache for static contents You will also be stored on the Server CloudFlare. When the contents stored in the cache, the user can access it through the server which is adjacent to the location of the user, and this also helps to improve the performance of your website.

Wipe the Domain mangahkan on Cloudflare

Whether the service is to make my website faster?

CloudFlare can speed up Your website in several ways. This service will cache the static content of Your website and distribute it to my server, Cloudflare CDN which has 23 locations in the world. CloudFlare also check out all the traffic incoming to Your website and filter the traffic of dangerous unwanted, reduce the number of hits that lead to Your website, as well as reduce the demand for the resource as a whole. Cloudflare is also very useful to prevent the occurrence of DDOS on Your website.

What benefits do I get?

According to the official website of CloudFlare, a website can be increased speed by 30%, using a bandwidth of 60% less, and serve the demand of 65% to the server a little more when using CloudFlare. In addition to increased speed, Your website will also be protected by the basic security features for example the protection of hotlinking, amenities block the traffic based on the IP or the state, protection of email harvesting, and a variety of other features. You’ll also get detailed statistics about the traffic You are updated every 24 hours. Information about all the features offered by this free package You can get on the website of CloudFlare.

If CloudFlare can be activated easily on my hosting account?

To enable CloudFlare on Your domain, You need to do is go into Your cPanel and click the icon CloudFlare in there. You can create your account, more information about this service, enable CloudFlare for Your website, and modify the security settings directly through the cPanel.

By default, the activation Cloudflare via cpanel will only apply on a subdomain because it will be using the CNAME. the domain with the www is categorized as a subdomain so that You can redirect main domain to www domain to point to cloudflare via .htaccess the following:

Where I can read further information about CloudFlare and get help?

CloudFlare has a support network extensively. The help pages can be found in the Here You can find the FAQ, knowledge base, also the wiki. In addition, Cloudflare also provides technical support services via email and the contact form through the website. To find out information company CloudFlare, You can open the part About Us on their website.

Can I use my account CloudFlare Pro in Niagahoster?

Of course! Package free and the Pro is compatible with the account of our shared hosting. You can also do hosting website, good for a free pack or Pro directly in one account.

Where the location of the datacenter CloudFlare? Can my content stored in the server’s proximity to my location?

This time CloudFlare has 23 datacenter around the world: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, Newark, Ashburn, Amsterdam, Paris, Singapore, London, Miami, Sydney, Atlanta, Frankfurt, Seattle, Toronto, Stockholm, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna and Seoul. They chose this location not in vain. City-the city is known as a hub of internet traffic the largest in the world.

Does CloudFlare support SSL? How can I use it for my website?

CloudFlare supports the use of SSL on Your website. If SSL is installed on a subdomain, You can use CloudFlare free account and make a note that this is a subdomain SSL in your account CloudFlare. If SSL is installed on the primary domain, You need to perform the upgrade to your account CloudFlare Pro. Required fee is $20 per month for the first domain and $5 per month for every other domain. You can use the service free and Pro on the same account. More information about CloudFlare and SSL You can find here.

Attention: Niagahoster using CloudFlare free version. If You are using CloudFlare and it will do the integration of SSL in the main domain, then You must upgrade to the Pro version.

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