The Best Hosting in the World Today

The Best Hosting in the World Today – Probably not many people understand, what exactly is cloud hosting them. Cloud hosting is one of the technologies that has the service in the form of many servers to connect and interact with each other. Usually created with the intention of keeping each other in performance.

The advantages of the services offered by cloud hosting is located on a server that is connected will guarantee the security of data. Even users also need not worry about the performance of the server which is not stable and unlimited resources that exist at the service of traditional hosting, such as shared hosting or a dedicated server.

Cloud technology hosting this allows us to have a resource that is not limited to alias unlimited bandwidth, so that the website also features high-traffic and remain stable, even up to use the resource unlimited. After knowing some advantages of cloud hosting, You should also know some of the companies the service provider cloud hosting is the best there is in the world. What?

Best Hosting 2021

Best Hosting 2021

1. Firehost

The cloud service provider hosting the best need-to-know is Firehost. This company has a data center there on the location in several different countries, such as Britain, the United States, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Each data center also has some power source and a backup system that can be used to ensure that the site customers will not be down. In addition, another advantage is the customer service support 24 hours/7 days via phone, chat, or email. Talk about security,

Firehost has the features of high level security, even though the customer will be charged an additional fee. In addition, firehost also provides some other interesting features, like malware protection, daily backups, network security layered, application monitoring, up to unlimited firewall zones.

2. Hyve

After Firehost, there are also Hyve which is a hosting company based in the Uk. This company not only has a data center in the country of origin, but also has two data centers in the United States and two data centers in China.

The company is using the platform VMWare Secure Cloud and offers security features such as IPS and DDoS protection. Please be aware that Hyve serves Cloud Hosting for WordPress site. Then a large database can be distributed through multiple servers and static files can be displayed via the CDN.

3. SingleHop

SingleHop is a company experienced hosting that comes from the United States. The company has three data centers in the United States and one data center in the Netherlands. Cloud server they are using the VMWare vCloud Suite and can be used with Windows or Linux operating systems.

4. Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 provide customers the overall control over the server. Then the new server can be made instantly and directly can be used in a matter of minutes. In addition the customer can set the specifications, perform the upgrade and downgrade easily,

Amazon EC2 provides a range of security features. Amazon EC2 has a data center at nine locations in the world: Three in the United States, one in South America, two in Europe, two in Asia, and one in Australia. Amazon promising cloud service the server has time uptime in each region 99.95%.

5. RackSpace

RackSpace has a very good reputation as a service provider Cloud Hosting in the world. Service provider cloud hosting can be used to download the host app and the site. Performance and excellent stability. Current RackSpace has three data centers in the United States, one in London, one in Hong Kong, and one in Sydney.

That was some of the cloud provider hosting the best in the world at this time. Actually in Indonesia alone, there are already a lot of hosting companies that offer services Cloud Hosting, one of them You can get a diverse selection of package cloud hosting and cloud hosting is best suitable for Your business.

Have a lot of customers, Jagoanhosting Indonesia provides services to anyone who wants to learn mengonlinekan business and their portfolio. Even for those who are still learning to start creating a website can with the use of cloud hosting is. Jagoanhosting be one of the providers of Cloud Hosting that favor the performance of the server and also a very economical price.

6. FastComet

Hosting overseas the other is the best FastComet centered in San Francisco, California, United States. Said to be the best for this company dare to compare himself with agencies of the similar and not long ago managed to win the award for Best Host Advice 2019.

FastComet said to be the best is not without reason because it has several advantages such as free in the migration, 100% money back guarantee, powered by cPanel, Cloudflare CDN without the cost, SSD storage cloud, free domain transfer, backup daily or weekly, and others.

The advantages of the other looks from the cost of the service that is affordable with a price of Rp. 40.898 per month. Customers are already getting a variety of features such as firewalls web application, response quick chat, malware scanning, encryption, data security, a wide choice of server location and others.

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