metrodenvergreens.org – Become one of the professional trader course be the thing most desired by the trader, maybe You are one of them.

To become a professional trader, it takes practice and a strong discipline for You to continue to learn to understand forex trading and earn profit in accordance targeted.

However, do You know if the ability to choose a forex broker also become one of the important keys that You need to have in the world of forex trading?

Of course with any reliable forex broker, You progressively easier to access the market in forex trading and make a profit desired.

Then, how do You know reliable forex broker with abal-abal?

Traits of a Forex Broker is Not Trusted

Broker forex non trusted or fraudsters have characteristics as follows:

1. The address of the office is not clear

To recognize if the broker is not trusted, You can investigate the address of the head office of the broker. Basically, the broker abal-abal put the headquarters in a remote place, or never existed.

2. Difficult to contact

Broker abal-abal tend to complicate the trader related service complaints when dealing with the funds. Cases often occur in fake brokers are the complaints from traders who never responded or handling the problem that is never finished.

3. The withdrawal of funds is quite difficult

Towing funds or withdrawl is a right owned by the trader. However this tends to be complicated by the fake brokers.

When possible profit that You have may be cancelled for various reasons, such as violation of the rules of the trading techniques, or the terms withdrawl that can’t be filled.

4. A bad Website

Trusted forex brokers tend to have the design of the official website that looks professional as well as facilitate the traders and prospective customers to obtain detailed information about their services as well as utilities for trading.

On the contrary, the broker abal-abal give information that is not too complete for their services and do not look professional.

5. Promising a bonus that out of mind

Who doesn’t like promo or bonus? Offer a promo or bonus is not a strange thing in the middle of the competition of the forex brokers to obtain new trader.

However, You need to consider is when a broker firm offer tickets with a value that does not make sense because it is not necessarily the schedule given is true.

Don’t get tempted by the schedule!
Look at and understand the first will be the promotion that comes at You.

If you have this, what You need to do to avoid scams in forex trading made by forex brokers abal-abal?

How to Recognize the Best and Reliable Forex Broker

Not to worry, You can follow the 5 ways to know which forex brokers that are trusted and which broker forex penipu!

  1. Check the regulation and legality of forex brokers

Make sure the best forex broker You are already registered officially in Bappebti. To know this, You can check through the official website of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti).

This body acts as a regulator and supervisor and is under the Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia.

Of course, this step is very important, because You can find out the forex broker which has been getting a permit to operate or is no longer in operation (repealed).

So, if You find a forex broker that does not have the permission of the supervisory body, it is certain that the broker is operating illegally in Indonesia.

Not only in Indonesia, as a reliable forex broker, then the broker in many countries must comply with the rules set by the financial regulator as:

  • A forex Broker must be registered at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and become members of NFA, a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) in the United States of america
  • In English, the best forex brokers must obtain a license from the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • In addition, in the Cyprus regulator of the forex brokers should be located under the supervision of the CySEC.
  • Keep in mind, reliable forex broker also needs to be registered as a member of the exchange on which the futures exchange in Indonesia consists of three parts, namely:

Bursa Berjangka Indonesia (BBJ)

BBJ or Jakarta Futures Exchange now better known as the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) has a function to provide transaction facilities futures contracts for its members.

Because being a provider of services transactions futures which includes not only commodities but also forex, BBJ become important institutions in forex trading Indonesia.

In addition to gets legality, trading services on the broker members of the BBJ also guaranteed a high standard. This is because BBJ routine do the coaching, supervision, and examination periodically to the forex broker is registered.

Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX)

Right BBJ, Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives exchange (ICDX) or better known by the Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) is a company of the commodity futures exchange derivatives Indonesia, which has permission from the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti).

Transactions in ICDX can be done with the aim to protect the value (hedging) or merely in order to get the profit margin and investment.

ICDX provide another option for a broker to facilitate customers who want to do trading, commodities or forex, in addition to the JFX.

PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia (KBI)

Kliring Berjangka Indonesia is the authority which acts as a clearing and guarantee the completion of the above transactions that occur in the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) as well as the transactions that occur outside the exchange that is made by clearing members.

Although the status of the Company, all shares owned by the company is the property of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia so KBI included in the State-Owned Enterprises (SOES).

So, be sure the best forex broker that You have at the moment You have been officially registered in Bappebti, BBJ, ICDX or OFFICE!

  1. Note the detail of a forex trading account that You have

Every forex broker generally have conditions or account details that vary depending on each company’s policy. For example:

Commissions and Spreads

If the broker will benefit from the commission?

Of course. More details, every transaction You make must take into account the amount of the commission of the forex broker that You can later choose as you wish.

The combination between the commission and spread into the amount of fees that You have to spend in each transaction of trading forex.

So for the cost of the transaction You are doing not only the views of a commission or spread, but a combination of both.

The smaller the combination between the amount of commission and spread, it will be the better for You, as the illustration below!

Broker X apply a commission of $50/lot and a spread of 1 pip (=$10). Means the total cost of the transaction in Broker X is $60/lot.

Different with Broker X above, FOREXimf apply the $5/lot and 2 pip spreads (=$20). Therefore, the total cost of the transaction in FOREXimf You will pay is $25/lot.

So, from between the two the difference is where the transaction fee that You think is quite cheap? Of course You’ve got the answer!

Initial Deposit

Want to try forex trading, but You still hesitate to spend more?

Don’t worry! With a capital of Rp 5000.000,- or $ 500, You can trade with lot sizes of 0.1 and fixed rate $1= Rp 10.000,-

By Bappebti capital as such is often referred to with the account of a partial or mini account, although actually can’t say mini because the contract size is still $100,000.

Ease of Deposit and Withdrawal

Would You believe if in FOREXimf, You can make a deposit (deposit) and withdrawal (withdrawal) of the fund without the cost or a certain period of time?

Of course this is true!
You can make a withdrawal in the afternoon, if you make a deposit in the morning.

Of course for You who use the accounts of different banks with the bank account FOREXimf which are listed in the segregated account, will be processed on the working day next if demand exceeds 12.00 PM.

With all this ease, if You still hesitate to entrust Your transactions on FOREXimf?

You can follow the next steps to make sure that You are on the best forex brokers!

  1. The number of Product Options in Forex Trading

In forex trading, the currency of one country can be traded in pairs with the currency of other countries. Currency pairs is divided into 2 parts, namely: major currency pairs and cross currency pairs.

Then, where is the layout of the difference in the two? Let’s see more clearly in the following table!

The Pair became a favorite of customers FOREXimf is usually the major currency pairs six pairs, namely:

  1. Note Trading Platform Used

Trading Platform into one of the entrances at the forex market. Therefore, in order for Your forex trading to run smoothly and can obtain optimal results, You need to pay attention to the things here:

Choose a broker companies that support the service with the metatrader software so You can maximize your trading with better.
The company best forex brokers will ensure the server connection quality, so the order of execution You either to open or close the order with stability.
Make sure the platform You use is pretty easy. The Platform should have the full features that can facilitate you in making transactions and analysis.

MetaTrader 4 by MetaQuotes into one platform that is quite popular among traders and forex brokers, including FOREXimf.

The complete features with ease given to be one of the reasons this platform is used quite often.

  1. Check the services provided forex brokers

This last point is important for You to note in order to obtain a partner forex broker is best to pay attention to customer service which forex brokers have. Basically, the forex market work for 24 x 5 where 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Therefore, the forex broker at least able to provide services to traders during the 24-hour x 5-day also so that any obstacle that You face can be assisted through the service live chat feature available on each broker.

FOREXimf as one of the reliable forex broker of Your choice, ready to help You in providing the service such trading.

With the features of a chat room Customer Service FOREXimf, You will get the online service for 24 hours a day every 5 working days in a week.

In addition, FOREXimf provide the features and service Chat Room with the Market Analyst who is always online every weekday from 08.00 AM to 22.00 PM to help You read the direction of movement of the current price.

Not until there are, FOREXimf also provide services webinar + #SuperTradingEdukasi as a center of education for forex trading online or video other education so You can understand trading forex in Indonesia through a channel YouTube FOREXimf for free.

In fact, the educational service offline in FOREXimf also available with full where every customer will get the supplies to the science of team Education & Market Analyst FOREXimf directly in the office FOREXimf Bandung is located in Jl. Sundanese 57 The City Of Bandung, West Java.

With a full explanation of this, if You are ready to choose FOREXimf as a reliable forex broker of Your choice?

Remember, the more complete the features that are offered to You in the best forex broker then the great ease with which You get to looking for opportunities in the forex market!

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