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Cara Mudah Investasi Saham bersama MNC Sekuritas, Cobain Deh!

metrodenvergreens.org – Stock investment tempting for many people because of the potential yield is quite high compared to other investment instruments.

However, many people who jump into this investment without preparation. Instead’re lucky, even a cripple.

Hence, you need to learn first before investing the money the results of your labor into a kind of investment.

Do not easily believe with the lure of the percentage of particular advantage because both the real must have of the yield (return) and also the risk of each.

Luckily, in the age of now, the stock investment is not like the days of the father of our mothers.

Maybe if asked on mother and father who invest stock in his day, they will tell you about a stack of documents that must be filled so that you can be a stock investor.

Plus with the minimum capital worth millions or even tens of millions of dollars, so that not all people have the ability financially! Yet again, the order of the transaction share purchase must be made by phone to the stock broker.

Fortunately now you have the privilege to be a stock investor easily in MNC Securities loh! Check out the quick tips below well…

Take advantage of the Digital Channel to Learn

A proverb says, “invest the time before the money.”It’s good that you learn about the stock first before plunging directly.

Knowledge about the capital market in the form of information in writing to the video of interest can be accessed on social media MNC Securities, either on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Check also the website of the MNC Securities www.mncsekuritas.id to follow a variety of education classes online free according to your needs.

If you have started to understand the basics, you can join in with the community or forum of investors the right and suitable, but make sure the analysis, shares analysis of yourself, don’t just follow other people.

Learn from Books

Some of You will probably feel more comfortable if I learn directly from the books rather than digital methods.

It is also felt by the Content Creator in the field of capital market, namely Cephas Evander. Through the interview draws conducted by MNC Sekuritas with Cephas Evander here, Cephas tell some interesting books which inspired him to continue to learn about the stock.

The book is One Up on Wall Street, Beating The Street and Learn to Earn a bouquet of Peter Lynch, one of the investment managers of the most successful in America.

Lynch suggested that investors are not just thinking about how to invest, but how to think like an investor to learn the business of the company stock that he’s up to as well as perform fundamental analysis in order to determine the potential growth stocks are targeted.

Open a Stock Account Online

Open a stock account in MNC Securities ranging from 100 thousand. It’s easy! If you already have an account BCA and e-ID card, download the app MNC Trade New on the Appstore or Playstore.

Then, click the “Open an Account” on the application of MNC Trade New. Fill in the data themselves, including swafoto with the e-ID card with you and a photo of your hand on paper. Make sure the returned data are correct, then submit. Check the registered email for further instructions.

If the account has been successfully verified, you will receive a confirmation email for the Account of Customers ‘ Funds (RDN).

Make sure you transfer the funds as the initial deposit to the number of RDN on behalf of yourself.

After sending funds from the initial deposit, confirm the transfer of evidence to the email address of the Call Center callcenter.mncs@mncgroup.com in order to get the user ID, PIN and password online trading.

Voila! You can buy or sell shares directly in MNC Trade New. Don’t forget to replace PINS and passwords to be more secure well guys!

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