Quite the 5 Steps MNC Securities: This Way is Easy to Buy the e-IPO!

Quite the 5 Steps MNC Securities: This Way is Easy to Buy the e-IPO!

metrodenvergreens.org – This time, You no longer need to trouble to do stock investments, including buying IPO shares.

The Indonesia stock exchange has provided the ease to investors can buy the shares offered in the initial public offering (IPO) online through the digital platform, namely the e-IPO.

“You can register yourself through the link https://www.e-ipo.co.id/id/register to buy the e-IPO,” said Head of Marketing Online Trading MNC Sekuritas Thomas Hadibowo, in Jakarta, Monday (26/7/2021).

He reveals, e-IPO is getting easier for novice investors who want to buy the IPO. Before buying a stock IPO, You should start by understanding the fundamentals of candidates of the issuer in advance by studying its financial statements.

“The system of e-IPO is created to facilitate customer retail that want to participate in buying IPO shares. You can do the registration, then the data will be verified by the broker, submit orders, providing funds in the account of customer funds and receive stock in the IPO,” said Thomas in Jakarta, Monday (26/7).

Here is the stage-the stage of buying IPO shares through a digital platform:

  1. Registration

Registration is done by entering your email address, fill in the type of investors (individual or institutional) and fill in the data correctly.

Then, You can perform authentication in the registered email and enter OTP. You will be prompted to enter the password later.

  1. Verified by Broker

Furthermore, You can choose a broker or securities intended. Select registration Single Investor Identification (SID)7 for You have the SID and the Sub-Account of the Effect (SRE) for those of You who do not yet have a SID.

After verification of the broker is done, You can log in and expressed interest or order the IPO shares on the system of e-IPO.

  1. Submit Order

After login in your account e-IPO, You will see the information the company being an IPO. Furthermore, You can select the stock You want to buy and click on More Info.

You can choose the parts Place an Order, fill out the booking form, click Send and enter the OTP code.

  1. Provide Funds in the Account of Customers ‘ Funds (RDN)

Furthermore, the companies that IPO will get a notification via email if there is an order entry of investors.

After verification is done, the purchase of IPO shares can be instantly approved. You can read the prospectus and agree to the prospectus during the bookbuilding. You should also have to provide the funds in the RDN before the offering.Seven

  1. Receive Stock IPO

You can see the results of the allotment of the process of buying IPO shares through the history menu. You will see the status of the ‘Alloted’ if you get a stock order.

Jika7 status ‘Alloted with Scale Back’, then this means that the allotment will be adjusted, ‘Not Alloted’ means do not get allotment and ‘Not Carried Over’ means the order is not passed to the process of allotment.

Are interested to buy stock through the e-IPO? You can start with the initial step in the form of open a stock account online.

An MNC Trade New wonderful features of open stock account online that can be accessed on the menu ‘Open Account’.

Please open a stock account in #mncsekuritas due to the current ongoing schedule Traktir Investors (Tractor) vol. 2 until July 2021.

You will get the prize directly in the form of e-voucher Shopee worth Rp100.000 once You open a stock account online. MNC Securities, Invest with The Best!

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